360° Implementation Model

The business-driven model adopts 360° approach that addresses gaps in a value chain through smart-partnership model between Government, Key Industry Players, Off-takers, Academia, Research Institutes (RIs), etc.

With this unique model, MYBiomass will be the focal point in supplying biomass and providing intermediate opportunities between suppliers, technology providers and downstream users. This model is essentially an enhanced Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) model, with the uniqueness of having not just local support, but also renowned international bodies and figures.

The potentially winning formula is attributed to the applicability of the model, based on the incorporation of elements from successful supply-chains. Pull-and-Push elements such as key upstream, midstream and downstream players are key components of the model in ensuring the development of a potentially high-value green chemicals value-chain. Such players include large plantation companies i.e. biomass producer, a biomass aggregator and distributor, technology partner(s) for the conversion of biomass to chemical building-blocks, downstream off-takers and product manufacturers.

MYBiomass business model includes policy makers in providing a conducive environment for the growth of the industry such as a relevant monetary incentives and infrastructure supports. It requires the involvement of key Ministries, agencies, academia and authorities from relevant economic corridors.

Apart from being a purely business-driven model, the framework also outline capacity-building elements to local parties such as academia and local research institutions. Unlike other profit-based business models, the supply-chain is also expected to have spill-over benefit to local SMEs.

Thus, having both a holistic and focused business approached at the same time, the model is a uniquely workable given the full support of all the mentioned parties.