• UNITED STATES & EUROPE - Conducted technology prospecting to convert biomass into platform chemicals.
  • KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA - Launching of MYBiomass by the Right Hon. Prime Minister of Malaysia. Rolled out groundwork to implement a viable and sustainable business venture based on 360° public-private business model with targeted key stakeholders.
  • KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA - Establishment of Steering and Technical Committee consisting of key personnel from MIGHT, Sime Darby and FGV.
  • CYBERJAYA, MALAYSIA MIGHT - Conducted the inaugural meeting with Sime Darby and FGV towards formalisation of collaboration and discussion on the needs of national coordination with key stakeholders.
  • NEW YORK, UNITED STATES - The MBI spearheaded by MIGHT was endorsed as the 1st program for GSIAC together with the establishment of Special Purpose Vehicle by the Right Hon. Prime Minister of Malaysia.
  • CYBERJAYA, MALAYSIA - Creation of MBI and 360° public-private business model to focus on pioneering high value green chemicals through coordinated aggregation.


  • ITALY - Samples of palm oil biomass were sent and tested for the stated conversion in Italy.
  • NEW YORK, UNITED STATES - MIGHT, Sime Darby and FGV signed a “Testing and Technology Adaptation Collaboration” agreement through MYBiomass and witnessed by the Malaysian Prime Minister.


  • KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA - Signing of Shareholders Agreement between MIGHT, Sime Darby and FGV.
  • ITALY - The test results from palm oil biomass showed comparable yields with other type of feedstock.
  • Completed a Supply Chain Assessment (SCA) to enable mobilization of large amounts of palm oil biomass at competitive and stable costs in the Johor region for Biorefinery projects.


  • Market development for biobased materials/chemicals from oil palm biomass.
  • Initiated palm oil biomass trading business.


  • Conducted Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for MYBiomass Biorefinery Project to quantify environmental impacts associated with the targeted chemicals production from palm oil biomass.
  • Completed a Downstream Supply Chain Feasibility Study for products delivery to potential off-takers in the most time-and cost-effective manner.
  • Conducted a two day workshop with Petronas to explore potential collaborations in green initiatives.


  • Land Agreement with Sime Darby Plantation for Biorefinery site.
  • Signing of a Joint-Development Agreement (JDA) between MYBiomass and American Process Inc. for the production of Nanocellululose using palm empty fruit bunches for the applications in the field of paper packaging, automotive, and textiles.


  • Completion of the JDA with successful production of Nanocelullulose.
  • GCBR is formed to undertake the manufacturing of Nanocellulose product.
  • Prototype development works in Malaysia, India, US and China.
  • MYBiomass has received Letter of Intent (LOI) from potential off-taker.


  • Visit by MIDA Chicago and New York to MYBiomass technology partner’s facility.
  • Received additional equity funding to undertake development work and project preliminary works.
  • MYBiomass participated in Investor Forum in Korea BIOplus 2018.